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DVO Emerald 203mm 

DVO (short for “Developed”, pronounced “devo”) is a new suspension company with over 80 years of accumulated suspension building, tuning, designing, and riding experience. DVO is the brainchild of funder Bryson Martin, who has spent more than 30 years working in the bike business, in which most of this time was spent as a vital member at Marzocchi Suspension. During Martin’s time with Marzocchi, he was responsible for sales, marketing and many innovative ideas including its Bomber Line. In 2012, Bryson wanted to take this experience to the next level to form a suspension program purely focused on performance and first-rate customer service. Thus DVO Suspension was created. What we have here is the very first product to be released by the new suspension company, ran by a super-collective of bike and suspension personnel. Behold the 2014 DVO Emerald 203mm DH Fork!

You’ve never seen anything quite like the DVO 2014 Emerald 203mm DH Fork, let alone have you ever ridden anything quite like it! At first glance you’ll be quick to notice the Emerald’s patented revolutionary Carbon Torsion Arch. The Carbon Torsion Arch unites the fork with a carbon composite lay-up to deliver more torsional stiffness, while still allowing for the compliance that inverted forks are known for. With 25% more torsional stiffness, comes more traction in the turns and corners. The Carbon Torsion Arc utilizes the extremely resilient carbon to serve a fork protector that can take a beating, while connecting to the drop outs to couple them together.

When the Emerald was being intensively designed, the concept of creating a fork that was easy to tune and dial in was among the top priorities. Achieved through DVO’s Bottom Loader compression system, all which is needed is a simple 25mm socket to remove the loader without ever having to remove the fork from the bike. After the loader has been removed, you now have easy access to World Cup level tuning. Adjustability is advanced even further with the uniquely engineered adjustable negative spring, providing the ability to precisely adjust the amount of preload on the negative spring.

While other companies compromise oil levels to save weight, the Emerald contains nearly 400 CC’s of oil. Oil is a vital part of DVO’s ingenious system as it provides proper lubrication for highest performance, while keeping things cooled down inside. The inverted design allows the oil to sit on the bushings and inner seals, substantially reducing internal wear and keeping things moving silky smooth. Behold the most sophisticated suspension fork ever created and pioneer of the next wave of fork suspension designs: the DVO 2014 Emerald 203mm DH Fork.


  • Carbon Torsion Arch “CTA”: Patent Pending Design improves torsional stiffness by 25%
  • OTT Adjuster: Externally tune the negative spring improving plushness
  • Bottom Loader: High & Low Speed compression removes in minutes with ZERO loss of oil
  • Twin Tube Open Bath Damper



  • Without CTA: 2950 grams
  • CTA: 300 grams


  • 203mm
  • 26” Offset 44mm/Trail: 121.75mm


  • Twin Tube Open Bath 320cc’s (damper side)
  • High & Low Speed Comp.
  • Dynamic Rebound Adjust
  • 24mm Comp. Valve
  • Oil- Motul 5 Weight

Carbon Torsion Arch

  • Improves torsional stiffness at the wheel by 25%
  • Increased Steering Precision
  • Durable Hexcore Carbon Laminate 300g

  • Air Sprung
  • OTT Adjustment (Negative Spring Preload)


  • Forged Upper 4 Bolt stem mount
  • Offset 10mm (26”) 15.92mm (27.5)
  • Steerer Tube: 1.5mm Tapered Alloy

Upper Legs

  • 7000 Series Alloy
  • 42mm Externally Tapered CNC Machine


  • 7000 Series Tapered
  • 36mm Hard Anodized PTFE Coated


  • Forged Mag
  • 20mm Stepped Axle
  • 7000 Series Alloy

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