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WG was developed to face the hardest Downhill races. The backplate is 5,5mm thick and it is wholly made on Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines from the one block of aluminum 7075 T651. The alloy is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels. We increased the stiffness of the backplate by 30% compared to earlier versions of WoG. The guide plates are made from abrasion resistant material. We have been working on proper materials for over two years. The pulley is made from plastic. It works very quietly, and it is two times more durable than the aluminum pulley. The pulley runs on a sealed bearing, which causes that our chainguides do not cause resistance. The WG model is equipped with a special bash guard. To learn more, please go to the Bash-Guard section.

The WoG is compatible with almost all frames with the ISCGold or ISCG05 chainguide mount (also with new Intense frames). It could be also applied in frames without the ISCG mount, by using an adaptor.


Technical data:

  • 36-38t. chainring compatible
  • backplate material: Aluminum 7075 T651
  • backplate thickness: 5,5mm
  • 8t. pulley runs on a sealed bearing
  • chainguide bolts and nuts material: aluminum 2014
  • ISCG hardware material: stainless steel
  • ISCG, ISCG05 compatible
  • Weight (ISCGold): 190gram
  • Weight (ISCG05): 195gram

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